About this blog

So, some friends told me that I should have a blog. I've never blogged before, because I just didn't see the point of it. But then someone at work brought up the idea of a blog as a documentation of our (un)common technical problems and hopefully save some time and not solve problems that have already been solved.

With this blog here, I try to follow the same approach. It's the 21th century, heck, it's already 2012 and I can't find all my notes of how to get that old 3dfx driver running on linux anymore, anyway. But as long as I've got access to the internet, I should be able to access this.

And since I'm such a nice person, I'll make it public, so you guys (and girls) can benefit from it, too. Oh, and don't expect regular updates here, it took me two months from wanting to start this blog to actually starting it ;)

The focus of this blog will be on computer stuff, mostly linux, but anything that falls into the category of technical might end up here, too.